Are we really Shithole!!! 

Recently President Trump’s remarks of calling African countries a shithole sparked up outrage…. Actually, I was also infuriated by his remarks, until recently.

I’m Kenyan, proud to be one, until recently. Kenya is a great country and has made huge milestones….. The thing is, I tend to think we give power to the wrong people and we seem not to learn from our mistakes, we just don’t 😩…

Our leaders throw shade at each other instead of giving out their millennial plans  to the people. What even annoys more is that the followers of such people live in anguish but still hold on to such leaders. Running around attending rallies and at the end of the day he or she will have to struggle to put food on the table while “mheshimiwa” enjoys in his or her luxurious home. 

We are slowly sliding back to the dark ages where democracy was unheard of,Corruption has been a menace…. It is a daily dose in Kenya.

I may be a student, not knowing how the system works, but I’m tired being taken for granted. And truly I’m not alone in this.

I don’t like throwing shade at my own country but it’s time the plain truth be told. We should stop all the sugar coating and state the facts.

The government has switched off the main media stations denying the country people the right to information. It has been three days now. Activists working their a**es off to keep the government in check but Kenyans will always be Kenyans. We will vote in the same people.

Its time we woke up.

Concerned Kenyan. 

The Duff 

Actually, “The Duff”, is a title of a movie……starring Bianca. 

Bianca is enjoying her senior year of high school in the suburbs of Atlanta with her two best friends, Jess and Casey, both of whom are significantly more popular than she is. She is also the neighbor and former childhood friend of Wesley, a star on the school’s football team, with whom she had fallen out during high school. She has a crush on guitar-playing Toby, and reluctantly attends a party hosted by mean-girl Madison, hoping to talk to him. The party turns out to be a disaster for her, as it’s there that Wesley unthinkingly reveals to her that she is the DUFF of her friend group, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. The DUFF does not actually have to be ugly or fat, he explains, it’s just the person in a social group who is less popular and more accessible than the others in the group. People exploit the DUFF to get to the popular people.

Bianca is insulted and devastated, but she soon realizes Wesley is right. The students in her high school are only interested in her as a way to get to Jess and Casey. She takes her anger out on Jess and Casey and “unfriends” them on social media and in person.

Yes, such people do exist in real life. The “Duffs”. We might not notice them but they are always around. You might have such a friend.

This movie confirmed to me that such people do exist. They don’t feel worth it. They are emotionally damaged, self esteem punctured. Yes there is a high possibility he or she is one of your friends. Going through such a phase silently.

This movie though old, will make you realize that you’ll need to be aware of what your friends are going through and offer a helping hand.

Let’s eliminate “the Duff” mentality from our loved ones. 

Feminism, not feminism anymore 

Disclaimer:All of what I am about to say in the following paragraphs is purely my own opinion. I support many feministic ideas. This is just a reflection of my own beliefs.

Women across the globe have been unappreciated for years especially when it comes to the rights they are allowed to have. Until today the genders are still not equal ;women aren’t allowed to play certain sports, drive in some countries. It’s sad but true reality.

This is why feministic movements is a great thing. Their campaigns have given women access to certain rights and freedoms they didn’t have access to. They have also protected thousands of women from rape and sexual violence. Feminism is good.

Feminism has been a great thing-until recently. Don’t get me wrong. In some countries women protest naked. Please, there are many other ways of getting your point across. People these days are worried women are going to run naked with blood pouring between your legs if something happens to anger you.

Yet women still demand to be treated like women. At the end of the day, its always the guy who’s supposed to pay for the date, hold the door open for you to pass. And all the romantic BS.

Why not split the bill? Why not open your door? I mean, the feminist ideas have taught you to do things on your own. Why not do such simple stuff on your own. You can’t have both ways! Times are changing, yes, but these “norms” have been embedded into society and still hold true value for many people.

Let me just say;Feminism with double standards isn’t feminism. Radical feminism is NOT feminism.

True feminism is about equality for all;equal rights despite gender. It should dictate men are not the enemy. It should not be a form of revenge against men but a peaceful solution.

Let’s make feminism great again.

World leaders, we need to talk….. Now!!! 

Society, the collective humans has been treated with very huge disrespect by you, leaders, for way too long. No matter what country we live in, you continue to lie  to us every day.

Be it through saying you will do something while trying to get us to vote for you – and then you end up not delivering. Be it through hiding some error you or your staff has made. 
Be it through hiding some scandal you have willingly participated in-and lying about it. Lying to your fellow country men blatantly.

You allow corruption to exist at all levels of government, while still doing nothing effective to stamp it out. You throw sand over your lies. Investigations that have never ended. Cobwebs starting to fill investigation files while people demand answers. The list of lies you have told us are endless.

People’s patience and anger is what is ‘up’ right now. And that can be dangerous to you i know. You wouldn’t want the world to head there. There is nothing hard to control than a fed up population. I can give you my word.

We are not seeking revenge. All we ask of you is to tell us the truth and lead your countries according to the book!!! So dear leaders, please give us some true honest answers. 
I may be 18 years, but I’m not dumb. I, hold up, we notice everything. The thing is we can’t do anything, because we don’t have the power or platform to do so. All I can do is share my thoughts. And I’m confident I’m not alone.

Our leaders, please think about the silent majority.

Based on the way so many of us are feeling around the world right now, it’s very likely that you won’t be our leaders for too much longer if you don’t change your ways….. FYI we are your employers.

And so I now ask that you all – start telling us the truth from this day forth and forever more.

It’s nice to be important but its much more important to be nice

This article is dedicated to all the Bullies…..

Dear Bullies,

You come in all personalities, ages, sizes. I’m scraping away the sugar coating and being raw.

Many people who have experienced bullying can sometimes think the only way to handle it is to end it. Many Bullies do not feel remorse. Until after their victim has taken his or her own life. This can stop if Bullies start to realize what they are doing before the worst happens.

I am reaching out to you in the hope that by this point you have realized your wrong doing, but as most do, you never will. You will never realize that the words you pin to a specific person affects them. You will never understand that the way you treat others is not a reflection of them, it is a reflection of you.

The bulls who torment people for years because of weight, personalities, and other stuff. Primary school Bullies are nothing compared to college Bullies. College Bullies are a whole different story. In college, one would think everything is grand and bullying stops. However, it is not that easy. College Bullies perform a higher level of emotional abuse. I will quote a person who said, “you should hang out with us because you’re above being friends with them.”In the quote,” them” were some of my closest friends. Do you understand the emotional abuse? Most people don’t have the willpower to walk away.

Going to college, many want to find a friend group, people to count on. This opens you up to becoming friends with toxic people who will eventually try to manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do.

So to all of the people reading this. Take a moment and reflect. Have you ever said something you regret? Have you ever talked about your closest friends behind their backs? Have you ever belittled someone based on their own life, looks or personality? Have you ever felt joy, even for a second in making someone feel bad? Everybody makes mistakes. You have a chance to change.

We are in this life together. We need to help each other in highs and lows. We need to hold each other’s shoulders and give each other comfort.

If you know you are a Bully, consider changing your ways, because if you do, that is a fraction of hate abolished from this world.

Let’s talk about Feb 14…. 

I’ve always disliked valentines day. It is such a pointless holiday to me….i don’t know about you. But here’s my perspective of it. I used to think it was romantic when I was younger.

Now that I’m older, I realize how useless that thought was. Everyday should be a day to celebrate your love with another, not just valentine day.

There are a number of reasons I can’t stand Feb 14th.

1. It makes those who aren’t in relationships feel unloved. It’s really bad when you’re reminded of how alone you are each day as you pass couples being romantic to each other. 

2. You don’t know how to act around your friends who aren’t in a relationship when you are in one. You don’t know or want to show your single friends the awesome things that the day has had to offer. You just don’t want them to catch feelings because the day didn’t even matter to them as it mattered to you. 
3. You don’t know how to act around your friends who are in a relationship. All you want is just lock yourself up at home play video games, eat, sleep just to forget how the day isn’t going well for you. You try to avoid your friends who make use of the day. 

4. The day encourages stereotypes. For women, valentines day is a day to sit back and relax as their guy sweats his body off to give them a perfect romantic day. This day just feeds into the stereotypes that men are dominant in the relationship. Girls and guys should be equals;not one person should do more than the other. 

5.Many people take it as a day to express their undying love for each other, when every day should be a day to express your undying love for each other. You should always treat your girl or guy with as much adoration and love as you do on valentines day. 

6. It gives those in relationships a reason to be under stress. Valentines is just another expensive day to plan – a headache. Guys are expected to pull out the wallet for this random day. It is just another day to freak out when those plans don’t go exactly the way you wanted them to. 

But anyway, valentines is just another beautiful day. For the ones faithful to the day, have a happy upcoming valentines this year. Spread love.

A revolution starts with a NO and ends with a YES 

Disclaimer:The following article is not influenced by any political affiliations or agenda. It represents the views of the writer as depicted on current affairs around the world. Don’t believe anything I say unless it agrees with your own reasoning and common sense.

We are all puppets.

The difference is, do you notice or see the strings?

When I grow up I want to be……

This is a statement many us remember saying while we were young. We all have had dreams. But have we grown up and met up with them? If no, why?

I blame this on our governments.

Despite living in the “free world”, there are very few free men and women walking around in our democracies. This is because some men and women have a human failing that drives them to want to manipulate others for the sake of power. That manipulation has enslaved humanity for most of its history.

Our leaders are supposed to be our servants, accountable to the people and fulfilling the wishes of the people, making decisions for the greater good of all.

Of course, for the people to exercise this power responsibly and wisely, they need to have an accurate picture and understanding of what is going on in the world, so that they are able to steer society in the best direction. (Driving with poor eyesight is a recipe for a crash!).

When you have a government that operates without limits, who proclaims the right to arrest without even warrants, torture, kill anyone anyhow. No damn due process.

When you have a government that uses security institutions to do the dirty work, a government that views you, the people, as the enemy because of standing for the truth.

When you have a government that lies to you, takes you into wars of aggression, killing countless innocent civilians, and sending your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers home in coffins covered in flags…… Or disfigured and broken in mind and body…. their lives destroyed in wars that serve only to line the pockets of cartels.

When you have all of this right in front of you, so blatant, so clear, you shouldn’t have to be convinced that you are a puppet. Being manipulated. And you shouldn’t have to be convinced that these corporate contests that people call elections are distractions that will achieve nothing. The system we are living in must be brought to a halt. Think of a revolution.

Right now the question to ask yourself is;Can the current system be reformed? Revolutions begin with a NO and they end with a YES.

It is time we reclaim our position and dreams as young people in the society.

Your ignorance will be there power.

#The Awakening

To be continued.

Pretty hurts 

What are your aspirations in life?

One thing I’m sure is, you aspire to be happy.

I admit we’ve come a long way in many aspects tech, architecture, medicine etc. Something that has not changed is the lack of toleration.!pink+fucking+perfect

This generation has been in a way forced to grow up before time, seduced by a consumerist society that is at our reach. Seeing all of this pressure and aura that those things send, our generation has become compelled to feel like you have to “fulfill” those expectations. I haven’t been in the “in crowd” or the most popular, but you don’t have to be in the “in crowd” to be pressured into the “expectations” of this society. Some people push to become these perfect people and have perfect lives.

One “Perfect life” is:having the perfect body. You have to have the perfect body. What is a perfect body? A perfect body nowadays is being stick thin, having abs for boys and a big bum and chest for girls. More girls and even boys are starving themselves to become these people and those bodies that society expects them to have. When you don’t have those bodies, and everyone around you is pushing themselves, your self esteem falls. Then you are lured to the world of starvation and image.

Everyone feels like they aren’t worth it sometimes. Some girls feel they need to starve themselves to be skinny(for beauty), cover up their faces with makeup, an show off their bodies to feel good. But I will tell you right now. You need to wake up! God made you beautiful. He doesn’t make mistakes!

No matter how bad you may feel about yourself and how much people judge you, you are beautiful! Don’t change yourself to get it through. Beauty isn’t the tattooed skin, pierced skin, madeup faces, gorgeous hair etc. Beauty is deep on the inside.

Its not easy to live in a world that expects you to be perfect. It takes a lot of confidence and patience.

Don’t change your heart for the society.

It’s time the society changed its heart towards you.

Scars to your beautiful.

Thank you.

La Familia ✊

I’ll start by predicting that I’ll have you laughing your a**es off by the third paragraph cause you’ll be making fun of my rusty, wrinkled English. 😰

By now you’ve started chuckling.

I know some guys will start whining why I’m linking them to a Mexican drug cartel and organized crime syndicate based in the Mexican state of Michoacan. 😰😂😂

But hey. Just thought I could use the opportunity granted to us by our maker and appreciate all of you. You are more than friends. You’re my sisters, my partners-in-crime, my other half. You know me better than I know myself. You know what I like, what I love, what I hate. You applaud my passions. And for you to tolerate my faults, for that, I give you a standing ovation 😋. I can imagine of the immense patience 😂😂👊👊. You with your smile, your laugh, your friendship – it’s more than I deserve. We’re stronger than ever.

You’ve been there during the ups and downs. You’ve seen me at my worst – you’ve been there to hold my hand. You’re some kind of second mother, sister, father, son, therapist, bodyguard and not forgetting my solace. I don’t think i could do it without you. No. Wait. Holl up, I know i couldn’t do it without you.

You’ll always be my family. We’re thicker than any thieves ✊✊. You know all my secrets, all my wild ambitions. You always support each and every of my craziest fantasies. What would I do without you? I’d have to watch movies on my own, no one to send chained whatsapp messages to, I’d have to stare at my dry whatsapp😥😥-all on my own.
I tell you all the things I can’t tell my parents.

University hasn’t changed us. Not one bit. We might be busy with school, work, family and relationships, but the bonds we have will never break. I know i complain more than I should, but you always listen.
Every good TV show, movie, has a dynamic cast, that’s all of us. I think, holl up, I know we could have our own show and honestly I bet people could watch it. The point is, you understand me. We understand each other.

All of you are the sisters and brothers I was meant to have. Many grown children wish that their parents and siblings could see them for who they really are, not who they wish them to be. This goal can be realized through friendship.

Yeah yeah. I know right now you are complaining that I always talk too much and you probably want me to wrap it up. 😂😂

And no matter how much distance is between us no matter how many days, weeks and months we haven’t spoken to each other we always pick up where we left.

I promise we will still be the best of friends.

Special dedication to:

Purity bundi, Sue, Pnail_hxl, Starlet, Sharon, Enoch, Browniah, Eones, Tamika, Tonny, Sandra,Barbara,Ryan, Leakey, Joshua, Solomon

The list is long…….

Thanks for being part of my life.

LA FAMILIA all day every day ✊

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